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International Celestial Reference Frame

3 January, 2011

I might be taking the easy way out with this post since it already appears elsewhere, BUT, I like it and I am going to present it here. I like to think… differently. One of the things I like to do involves digital photography. Some of the pictures I take get me thinking about ideas I have no knowledge about. So, I dig into Wikipedia until I find something that satisfies my appetite and helps to explain my thoughts and/or feelings about my picture. The result is often a mash-up of opinionated quasi-scientific philosophical musings. Here is my first installment of what might turn out to be a feature here on my blog.

International Celestial Reference Frame

International Celestial Reference Frame

In keeping with my weird idea of trying to visually define my photos with equations, concepts, theories, and other math and science terms, I present here an idea of what the Universe might look like from the eye of a photographer. Maybe its a stretch, but then again so am I. It is not so much that I understand these mathematical ideas, but rather I wish that I did. Exploring the wikipedia site has broadened my confusion plane to the extent that I realize there is soo much that I will never know.

Visit my muse! The International Celestial Reference Frame on wikipedia.

© dasSuiGeneris, 3 Jan 2010


Fringe Season One

2 January, 2011

Woooo Hoooo! I am finally able to watch the most amazing show from its beginning. Having received said show’s boxed set as a Christmas present, I am now able to see how it all began. I am not one to get into a television series, but Fringe is different. It is all based on Science. The show Numb3rs is good, but it is not Fringe. I guess Numb3rs would be close though. The only other show I can remember ever really getting into was Alias, but even that got old after while. Lost was cool, but yeah, too there was too much that was hard to believe. But I never got very involved with any of these shows, and rarely watched regularly. Except for Fringe.

I like realism. I like the truth. If I want fantasy I’ll watch the cartoon Tom and Jerry (a fave)! Sarcastic realism? The Simpsons. And if I want crude humor with a touch of slander there is always Family Guy. But for the truth (and it is real to me even if some of it is hypothetical science), I like Fringe.  I am a firm believer in the power of the mind and Fringe explores that in depth.

Abstract thinking has taken me to some incredible places, so I think I’ll keep at it. The show sometimes provides starting points to further research, but often I find myself just exploring where my mind may go. Sometimes it is profound but sometimes it is boring. Thinking back, having a clearer mind, which has been brought on by sobriety really helps too. I think back to some of my misadventures… and though fun and mind-altering, I think that my all-natural mind-travels are a bit better, and they seem to become enhanced as time progresses. I am viewing sobriety as hacking my mind. I know of its capabilities, now it is time to try and explore them in the hopes of maybe harnessing some of its power. Because really: This is definitely a new adventure for me, at least in the ‘clear headed’ sense.  Now… if only I could check/reduce my caffeine and chocolate consumption… lol.

Keep Exploring!

(I am thinking that a future post should explore Television Shows that I’ve enjoyed…) That would be a great post to read no matter who wrote it I’d say. Maybe even you will write such a post, but that is of course assuming that you are out there reading this and blogging that. Or, it could just be Google’s spiders, diligently indexing this, fulfilling the data needs for the future generations of computerkind. Ramble ramble.

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Process of Learning

1 January, 2011

I shouldn’t say that I am overwhelmed by all of the options, features and hoopla that WordPress has to offer, because I’m not. But I do know that I have a lot to learn. There is so much that can be done here… the possibilities are endless. I don’t know HTML, and only this summer did I even become aware of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). All of this Web 2.0 content is pretty exciting, and though I try to consume large quantities of information, I am at a point in my life that I want to contribute at least some minuscule portion back into the interwebs. How I am going to accomplish this is really not yet known, but I can use my love of writing to create and post new work to my various sites. Also, I can (and do) comment and discuss the work of others. Photography has become important to me in my life, so by taking digital photographs and posting them around, I am again contributing to the information superhighway (gasp! what a cliche)!

I believe that in order to have an enriching relationship with the computer-run world that we now live in, one must begin to learn “computer speak”. I am fairly fluent in many aspects of the behind-the-scenes workings of computers and networking, but my college degree included nothing like what we have now.

For the sake of vanity, I am stating here that I will strive to learn something new in this New Year. Maybe I will explore some CSS. I know how HTML works, but I can only work ith it in limited quantities. Maybe I will brush up on the TCP/IP stack and become acquainted with IPv6, which was only a rumor back in 2000. Whatever this new year holds, I would at least like to become fluent and versed in the innerworkings of Word Press. That would be a nice achievement for sure.

Oh! And I forgot what I was going to say again! I want to shout to any and all who might be listening… that “We need to create! Information Overload depends on it! ” (And that is totally going to be a future blog post, where I dig in and present some research that I have yet to do). But I will!

Three Countries I’d Like to Visit

1 January, 2011

I have mixed feelings on this topic. As open-minded as I envision myself to be, I can’t drag myself away from the notion that the world is a dangerous place to be. Could I have some sort of phobia, or an ignorance even, toward my views of the world? Sometimes I wonder if I’ve not just become homogenized to the illusion of safety to be found in the good ol’ U S of A. Whyever (huh.., not a word) I feel the way I feel, I do want to explore my reasons further and more in-depth at a future time, because the topic has actually come up several times in the past few months.

My first choice for countries I’d like to visit would be Australia. I have actually met several people from Australia in the past several months, and they are just so neat! I love the wide-openness of that country’s geography, and the citizens attitude of self-reliance and ingenuity are admirable. Plus, I love the accent.

Number two would be Canada. A rugged country, at least in the backstretches of it. Again, I love the vastness of it all, and there are surely several “untouched-(ish)” regions to be found. I like the idea of a bilingual country (English and French), and it would surely be an intriguing experience to order coffee in a foreign tongue.

Number three shouldn’t be a big surprise when I say England. The English language is a bittersweet tongue for me in that I often find glaring holes and bugs in the semantics of it all.  Even though I cannot speak any other way, I often feel like English somehow is a lesser tongue than some of the others. Nonetheless, I love the sound of different dialects/accents, especially from England. Wow… I mean really! I love listening to the BBC World Service early in the morning. As well as such, I imagine myself roaming the streets of London, spying out the CCTV cameras, and taking pictures all the while. It would be great fun!

These three countries really aren’t my most desired choices, but for the sake of easy discussion, they are. I feel like these three countries would be the easiest to visit and return from. I love adventure and diversity (I do!), but sometimes I like safety and peace of mind as well. So in that vein, these would be the countries I would most like to visit and or live in.


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1 January, 2011

Well. Another New Year. 2011. Huh.

Cyclical. Around and around we go. The world is round.

Time is evolving. I am rambling. But I am also writing.

I love to write. In 2011 I am going to be more of a writer and less of a thinker.

Wait. That sounds wrong. I mean that I am going to spend less time thinking about writing and more time actually writing.

Yes. That’s not a lofty goal at all! The only problem about it is actually being able to create interesting  compilations of words… such that someone else would actually enjoy reading. Ehh, whatever. I guess whatever comes forth from my fingertips will come forth. I’m not going to try and stop it. No. Instead I am going to pursue any and all words that come to my mind and embrace them. I am on a mission to create everything that I can, everything that I will, and whatever else might come in between.

Which reminds me… I forgot what I was going to say.

Ok… I’ll Strive to Post at least Once a Week in 2011

31 December, 2010

After reading about WordPresses Post-A-Day and Post-A-Week Challenges, I think I’d be up for at least one post per week. I have been looking for an excuse (really?) to write more, but I think its more like I’ve been looking for motivation to write more. Regardless… since i do post/comment regularly in the RedBubble Community, I think I should return to my roots here at WordPress (even if they are somewhat shallow) and Post Away! Ever since my joining RedBubble, I have largely neglected my Blog here at WordPress. I know, I know… NOT posting was less negligent that actually generating posts due to my questionable treatment of words, but whatever. In the Interest of Writing and Art, I shall strive to commit myself to at least One Post Per Week!

signed… dasSuiGeneris

© 31 Dec 2010 @ 21:39 EST

Oh No! What’s to Become of It?

31 December, 2010

For better or for worse, I have just checked the box that will allow for search engines to index my WordPress blog. Even though what I little I have compiled here on this rambling blog is of no interest, I have always felt insecure in having Google run its fingers through my words. Not anymore! I say, “Scour away!” To the Spiders I taunt: “Catalouge Thee! ” And to all of the potential readers who might stray this way because of it, I say… “Welcome!” I hope you might find something of interest… for I do enjoy sharing… as well as reading the work of others. Whatever is to become of all of this, I just scream “Charge!”