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This page is a Work in Progress (Last Update: 2 Jan 2011)

Here I will attempt to provide links to sites I enjoy, mainly in these categories:

  • Art
  • Music
  • etc.?

Many of the links have not been added yet. Also, some formatting might be broken, eg. bad links. Again… Work in Progress!

I will be updating this until my eyes bleed.


NetLabels I Like:

Deep Mix Moscow @
Minimal Techno with lots of Glitch, House, and
Trance. Click on “Selected Music”, top-right corner.

Club Shanti @
also @
A well rounded blend of Electronica. This club in
Moscow hosts a wide variety of DJs and Artists,
each with their own personal styles. Explore!

Thinner NetLabel @
Lots of music here. There are many genres
represented, with many overlapping within each
release. They also release in mp3 (192 and 320),
as well as flac. Three cheers for flac! Long live

Test Tube NetLabel…My new favorite, freshly-found!
This seems to be very extensive and thorough.
I plan on spending a lot of time on this site.

Resting Bell NetLabel Berlin @
My New New Favorite! Lots of Downtempo, Drone,
Ambient, Meditative and Peaceful music. One of
the easiest sites to download from, I feel, due to
the simplicity of the site. Get all of a release by
scrolling down (on a release’s page) to “Download
all files .zip”, I like the “Download”
button. You can also stream, just below the down
load button. Don’t forget to save a copy of your
chosen release’s webpage, for future reference.

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