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… in the process… but definitely “of its own kind”.

This is kinda’ funny, because I never know what to say about myself, so I guess I try to avoid bio’s and such. Oftentimes my views of myself can be tainted by my mood. When I’m in a bad mood, I typically have horrible things to say about me. When I’m in a good mood, I ponder “Good what?” Just Kidding.

I am mostly random. I love Art, Reading, Writing, and Photography. And Nature (you know… Outside). Oh, and I love to drive. But most of all I require music. Music is key (pun!) to so many aspects of my life. I am not a musician, but I respect those who are. I have seen the creative process that can go into the creation of music and it sometimes leaves me in awe. I am coming to the realization that I might be able to call myself an Artist, so I can totally relate to the creative process behind creating music. One of my favorite aspects of life has come to be the creative process itself. I can lose myself for hours… and not have a worry in the world… when I am writing, taking pictures, or even just reading and listening to music (which I almost perceive as being research, in a sense). Meditation is important as well, for releasing the mind often brings some amazing concepts and experiences.

I had just gotten out of the shower when this all became a thought in my mind. White noise will do that – plant little thought seeds in the mind. Unfortunately I don’t recognize any of this as being pre-thought… and many of my thoughts simply have not manifested into typeset here in this quasi-biography. Hence the opening of this post, and I’m gonna’ stick with it:

… in the process…

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  1. 2 January, 2011 04:26

    Yes, I am totally with you on the creative process…hours lost in the pure joy of creation…ideas manifesting themselves, waiting to come to life in some way. I love!

    • 2 January, 2011 04:35

      Thanks! The creative process is such a wonderful place to be. I used to sometimes get down on myself for not being productive at times, but I have always been a dawdler. Anymore, I am in the belief that creative achievements cannot always be quantified in normal manners, for mental growth exists within substrates of its own becoming. Or something. Thanks again!

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