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A Post for Posting’s Sake

17 January, 2011

Artists lead a tortured life. Most of the torture is self-inflicted but it is torture nonetheless. Not that I care or anyone else does either, but I am late with my at-least-one-post-per-week quota. Fark. I was going to end this post right here, but instead I have decided to insert a poem I wrote about  month or so ago. I wanted to forgo the opening line and its slightly crude aspect, but then the emotion would have become diluted.

gray skies forever so forever skies gray

damn it shit fuck
another gray day
ordeal number one
stuck on replay
sunup or sundown
i can be found
so faraway near
up under the clouds

© 14 Dec 2010 @ 22:35 EST

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  1. takearideonthereading permalink
    18 January, 2011 18:19

    You’re right Das. It wouldn’t be the same without the opening line. Definitely keep it.

    Good luck with the Post-a-week challenge. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it’s not exactly a post every week. Some weeks you may do two or more!

    – Tarot

    • 19 January, 2011 02:55

      Thank You my friend. I was pretty disgruntled at the time of that poem’s inception. It sounds like I was mad at the sky outside, but in essence I was mad at the sky of my mind. I appreciate your encouragement regarding the challenge. I’m not too awful worried about it, but I do know that I would never have been capable of achieving success with the daily post. I’ve tried that and it lasted two weeks. My problem is that I have so much to write about that I end up writing little to none of it.

      • takearideonthereading permalink
        19 January, 2011 09:00

        An interesting dilemma Das. If you could channel all that you have to say through a controlled set of posts, you might find it starts to take shape in ways you never suspected. Unlike a book, a blog doesn’t have to be letter perfect from beginning to end. You can test your ideas out here and see how they look and feel. Then rearrange and edit them into something you want to call “final”.

        Good luck!

        – Tarot

  2. 27 January, 2011 16:27

    like the poem, and today is a grey sky day.

    are you a procrastinator? i was too until i discovered the term ‘micromovements’ coined by the artist SARK. i now make small movements towards the things i want to achieve because sometimes the whole is too overwhelming.

    wishing you luck

    • 30 January, 2011 18:11

      Hmmmm….. ‘micromovements’ ehh? I am off to investigate this concept further. I tend to procrastinate a fair bit, but when a deadline nears I am fairly good at getting he job done, and right too. Its probably better to not procrastinate, I’m sure, so your mentioning of these micro-movements seems intriguing!
      Thank You so much hakea for taking the time to read and for your compassion to comment.

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