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Art makes me Smile

5 January, 2011

Yesterday’s blogging topic from The Daily Post was “Share something that makes you smile”. I didn’t sign up for the Post-A-Day-2011 Blog  Challenge “Writing Event Extravaganza Unlimited“, no. I signed up for the Post-A-Week because my non-linear mind will undoubtedly interfere with consistent daily posts… but no less than one per week is ok. I wasn’t even going to bite on the ‘Smile’ topic, but after reading another blogger’s post I decided that I would.  

ART is what makes me smile. There is nothing better than something painted, something drawn… a photograph shot, a digital work created… a paragraph engineered, a line in a poem. There have been countless times where I have found myself smiling, and the funny thing is I have no control over it. When a work of art speaks to me, deeply, all bets are off. There have been times I have felt so taken aback when a grin stretched across my face and morphed into a full-blown beam. There have even been some Eureka! moments elicited as my mind would enter an osmosis-state… neurotransmitters from the Artist’s work syncing up with the neuro-transceivers in my physiological brain. The real fun comes when the antimatter morphs into matter and takes my digital mind on a roller-coaster ride. Digital isn’t just for computers you know. Humans can operate in this way as well… just think about it.

I no doubt throw terms around loosely, and even make up a few, but the case is this: We are in control of our own minds. The physical brain is mass and matter… lots of chemicals even. But the mind is digital… the mind is infinite. If ever there is something that captivates me, I let it, and then I explore where it might take my mind. Profound things have happened to me as a result of viewing some piece of artwork or reading some poem or prose. Friendships have even blossomed due to art. Communication plays a big role here, but it doesn’t have to, because art can touch sans words. What it all boils down to is a vibration… an excited current of ones and zeros pulsating through the digital channels of our minds… and often Art is the exciter.


minor edits to semantics and grammar  on 5 Jan 2011 @ 18:14 EST

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  1. 5 January, 2011 15:52

    love it!:). Art makes me smile too!

    • 5 January, 2011 16:18

      Isn’t Art great?! I owe a lot to, thats for sure. I came across your blog and you have some very nice work, some of which even made me… smile! Take care. ~das~

  2. 5 January, 2011 16:46

    I couldn’t agree more. All art should elicit a response, be it joy, love, humour or pain. A life without art is a life only half lived.

    • 5 January, 2011 18:03

      Words well spoken. I love art, in all its diversity, when it forces me to revisit emotions that I might not have visited otherwise. Your mention of half-lived lives brings to my mind The Matrix… and the blue pill. I think it is a choice we make, consciously or not, whether we allow ourselves to be affected by art, but then again I could be wrong. Maybe it’s just a character defect, lol. Just kidding.

  3. 5 January, 2011 19:30

    You’re my new WP BFF, dasSuiGeneris! 🙂 Your passion for the arts makes me smile! Yay for the Arts (and writing)!

    • 5 January, 2011 19:36

      Aww… you are very kind and sweet! Without getting too deep into it, I owe Art. Big time. Art has been life-changing for me. Thanks for subscribing! I admire your passion for art as well! ~das~

  4. 5 January, 2011 22:37

    Well put. And I agree. Art is the thing that can ground me and make me soar at the same exact time.

    • 5 January, 2011 22:47

      Thanks Lou! Art is essential, and the proof is in its primitiveness. I like your description of its powers!

  5. mdeepm permalink
    7 January, 2011 00:52

    Very true! An artistic mind and a mind that can appreciate art is truly a gift. It makes one’s life vibrant, colorful and infinite.

    • 7 January, 2011 01:05

      Indeed! It took me thirty years before I had ever realized these things, but I suspect it was all just beneath the surface the entire time. Being allowed the opportunity to explore and appreciate art has been one of the best things for me. I like infinity… not many restrictions. Thanks mdeepm!

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