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International Celestial Reference Frame

3 January, 2011

I might be taking the easy way out with this post since it already appears elsewhere, BUT, I like it and I am going to present it here. I like to think… differently. One of the things I like to do involves digital photography. Some of the pictures I take get me thinking about ideas I have no knowledge about. So, I dig into Wikipedia until I find something that satisfies my appetite and helps to explain my thoughts and/or feelings about my picture. The result is often a mash-up of opinionated quasi-scientific philosophical musings. Here is my first installment of what might turn out to be a feature here on my blog.

International Celestial Reference Frame

International Celestial Reference Frame

In keeping with my weird idea of trying to visually define my photos with equations, concepts, theories, and other math and science terms, I present here an idea of what the Universe might look like from the eye of a photographer. Maybe its a stretch, but then again so am I. It is not so much that I understand these mathematical ideas, but rather I wish that I did. Exploring the wikipedia site has broadened my confusion plane to the extent that I realize there is soo much that I will never know.

Visit my muse! The International Celestial Reference Frame on wikipedia.

© dasSuiGeneris, 3 Jan 2010

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  1. 4 January, 2011 03:32

    Thought you might be interested in Trevor Paglen. You may already know his work but thought I would share anyway!

    I came across this article in the LA Times (I enjoy reading art critic/writer, Christopher Knight).

    • 4 January, 2011 04:25

      His work is alluring. I didn’t realize it until I got to the book section that I had read his book about the patches. I hadn’t seen his photography though. He is quite ingenious with some of his methods. Thanks for the link Dorothy!

  2. takearideonthereading permalink
    4 January, 2011 07:11

    You have an laudable range of interests and expressions Das. Absolutely fascinating. And this post is no exception.

    I too find interest in science and was a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for years in my youth. Between that and my father being a professional photographer you truely peaked my interest.

    Is the photo you present an original of yours here? And if I may stagger a guess, is it an arial photograph of a group of large animals moving across a plain? Or perhaps an extreme close-up of razor stubble hairs on the skin?

    Am I close?

    • 4 January, 2011 13:44

      Thanks so much! I like to think that I have obscure tastes, lol. Your RAS membership sounds exciting! I will have to look them up on the web. What type of work does your father shoot? As far as my photo’s subject, I think if you click on it you should be able to find out its nature by reading my comments on my site.
      Really glad you like this! I do have more work in this series, but I’m not sure how many or how often I’ll present them here. But thanks for your great comment!

      • takearideonthereading permalink
        11 January, 2011 06:48

        The Royal Astronomical Society has branches in many countries. They do good work and the meetings were always interesting. Check them out.

        My father was a professional photographer, but not of the usual nature. He was in the arial survey business. Mostly lab work. I learned to develop B&W film and pictures in tubs that must have been six feet on each side and eight inches deep. 🙂

        He did do some air work too though and my first ride in a plane was in a small Cessna 180. Thanks for helping clarify what your picture was. It had me curious and I still love the potential ambiguity.

        As a wise man once said, ambiguity is righness.

    • 4 January, 2011 14:03

      You have the option to view this larger at the RedBubble site, and the comment I am referring to is the second one down. Oh, and I can totally see this as an aerial photo of a herd of animals! Thanks for the fresh perspective on an old take!

      • takearideonthereading permalink
        11 January, 2011 06:49

        You know art better than I. But we both recognize that it is in the eye of the beholder. And what they behold may have everything or nothing to do with the artist’s intent.

        In that, there is true richness.

        – Tarot

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