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1 January, 2011

Well. Another New Year. 2011. Huh.

Cyclical. Around and around we go. The world is round.

Time is evolving. I am rambling. But I am also writing.

I love to write. In 2011 I am going to be more of a writer and less of a thinker.

Wait. That sounds wrong. I mean that I am going to spend less time thinking about writing and more time actually writing.

Yes. That’s not a lofty goal at all! The only problem about it is actually being able to create interesting  compilations of words… such that someone else would actually enjoy reading. Ehh, whatever. I guess whatever comes forth from my fingertips will come forth. I’m not going to try and stop it. No. Instead I am going to pursue any and all words that come to my mind and embrace them. I am on a mission to create everything that I can, everything that I will, and whatever else might come in between.

Which reminds me… I forgot what I was going to say.

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  1. takearideonthereading permalink
    3 January, 2011 18:52

    Hi again again …

    I just commented on one of your earlier entries as I catch up on your blog. Do I take it from this post that you too are an aspiring writer? Or perhaps even published?

    It is hard to move from thinking about writing to actually doing it isn’t it? That’s why I too took up the WordPress challenge.

    Good luck to you! I’ll be seeing you here.

    • 3 January, 2011 20:41

      I would say that I am an aspiring writer, but nothing more. I was once published in a middle-school textbook (I forgot about that!), but nothing else. I would love to be able to produce something that would be publish-worthy though! I recently started reading some writer magazines and have signed up to a writer community in the hopes that I might force myself to hunker down and focus on something to write other than just poetry and blog posts. Something like an essay… or… something.

      Yes, moving from the ‘thought’ of writing to the actual act of writing can sometimes be tough. I often find myself jotting down notes of things I want to write about, but much of what I want to do requires research (I am horrible at writing fiction). Hence, my need to actually hunker down, research, take notes and the like. I can manage memoir-type stuff, but even some of that is… difficult at times. Being able to release some of the emotions attached to certain memories through writing is very therapeutic though. Coming to terms with setting out to put memories/emotions into words is the hard part, and can be draining at times.

      Yes, good luck to you as well as we embark on this journey of ‘what they call blogging’. I look forward to seeing what plays out!

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