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Hoorah for 100Mbps!

24 July, 2010

I can’t keep up with it. It is just too fast. I’m at my brother-in-laws house, hooked up to his router. The Sergeant has Roadrunner Turbo, and my external hard drive is getting abused. The only break it gets is when the downloads complete. Opera only likes at most five files at a time, and with speeds ranging from 217Kbps up to 547Kbps (Wow!), I just can’t click on these links fast enough. I’m at over 2gigs and counting. I don’t do any torrents, only Creative Commons. You can visit the sites I get my music from, I posted them on the right pane of my blog. My only problem is that, at an average of one and a half hours per song, I will never be able to (or will I?) listen to all of this music. In the future, I hope to build a  Linux box, dedicated to serving up music. Running VLC, I would even be able to share my gigs and gigs of noise. Really, though, I would figure out an FTP that I could access via Droid or maybe Cricket smartphone, since their service is much cheaper. Its nice not having a cellphone bill right now though, since true-functionality costs like a hundred a month. Because really, who uses cellphones to place calls anyways?

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