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23 July, 2010

I have stumbled across the new best thing. allows anyone to create an URL for anyone to access. Think of it as “microcrap’s” notepad, only online for all to see. We all know how simple notepad is…type in some text or do a little cut and paste and save it. It’s typically more convenient than a real notepad because you can use it cross-program. But, one of’s possibilities could be clandestine note passing. Another purpose might be to make an anonymous public declaration, via scribbling the URL in a public place, so that people could see its contents online.This tool makes the possibility of online creation available to ALL! I plan on using this in the future, so maybe I’ll post an URL or two later. The collaborative effect that this could have will only be limited to the imagination. Besides several “techie” uses, one that I like is the possibility to maybe create an online shopping list of sorts, viewable to all to add to, making direct communication unnecessary. This could also be viewed as a form of passive text messages, where people could post messages to one another by way of editing the contents. Also, there exists the capability within’s platform to upload files…pics, mp3s, docs, etc. And of course the best feature of this new tool? Sign-up is not required, nor is it even an option. So, this is truly a gift to the masses, free for all to use! PS is affiliated with, but with that service you do have to sign up. Oh yea, I created somewhat of a how-to on using It can be seen at This is all boring shit, but it keeps me amused and active. I would be interested in seeing some URLs that other people have created. If anyone has any, let me know.

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