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Tomorrow, My Friend Leaves the Monastery

21 July, 2010

Having been converted to monk myself once, I am happy to relay the fact that a fellow monk I have met will be leaving the monastery tomorrow. I know that he will be happy to return to his family, and I wish him the best. On that monk’s last monastic night, The Lord has provided him (as well as us all) a beautiful sight. Since the monk faces the west, I know that he was reveling in the following sight, just as I was (as I was driving). What a beautiful sight, that sky! As they always say, red sky at night, monks delight, especially when they will soon be liberated. DSC08725 *The Monk’s Delight* Congratulations my friend, and I look forward to seeing you soon. Remember, though the monastery was nice (in theory)…in it there was a lot of strife. It was good for what we accomplished, considering the means, but lets just leave it at that. I hope that we never have to go back to the monastery (as residents), for we are definitely able to accomplish much outside of its walls. Keeping that in mind, may we work toward giving compassion to the monks that will not be coming home. I know that THOSE monks are able to do good things. Let us work together toward helping and supporting those monks, that they may in turn help and support others, who in turn might also become true monks themselves. Monk or non-monk, though, we are all brothers (and sisters) of an earthly realm. This is a realm that not one individual can conquer, so let us all make those contributions which we can in order we might survive our ultimate fate, collectively. DSC08703 We might all be on seemingly different paths in this world, but the essential truth is that there is only one path. Let us try to leave no one behind; for in leaving others behind, it seems to me, would only mean leaving ourselves behind.  I shall never forget the places I which have found myself at in the past, and as I gaze back on my past, I shall allow these places to affect my future. For me, part of this will involve not forgetting those people and circumstances that have profoundly affected my life. I want to strive toward helping and positively affecting those who were left behind, and those folks in similar realities. I almost feel as if it is some sort of responsibility, one that will surely entail several layers of approach. I have seen first-hand the power of the holy truth which exists. My monk-friend knows this even better than I do. I pray that I might be shown the ways in which I might be able to help. I feel that, in time, this will become a reality, and I feel that I am not alone in this quest. Peace.

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