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Multiphasic Multitasking Publishing Intrusion

21 July, 2010

The MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) is a 664-some-odd question test that can be given to undesirables and other criminals so that they might be classified and sub-classified. There are no right or wrong answers to this test, as the questions all pertain to personal feelings and preferences. Though such a test might seem to be useful and of some help, the test-takers are oft left in the dark regarding their scores. Though one might (foolishly) think that the answers might be able to shed some light on one’s situation and circumstance, the horrid truth is that the test-administrators are seemingly in utter lack of a conscience. How is it possible to take an hour-and-a-half test with over six-hundred yes or no questions that cover a multitude of topics, and get a test-result that equates to a number? There just seems to be something missing here… for again, there are no right or wrong questions on this test. ¶ I have seen it happen to another person, and then myself. Maybe it was for the best that we “passed” the test, but surely they aren’t telling us the whole story. What I think is that the administrators and those in charge are only paying for so much information, and the test results relay that fact. Why else would someone be bewildered when they are told that they are a ninety-one, when that person knows that the test he took involved nothing but arbitrary questions! ¶ I have since been to the website of the test-maker, and researched this particular test: MMPI… I couldn’t forget that if I tried. Funny thing is, when I was taking the damn thing, I actually thought that we were going to get to the bottom of something. After researching this “multiphasic, indeed” test, I found that there are several upon several answer keys that can be purchased to interpret and grade the test with. It turns out that the administrators whom admitted me my test were only given access to just one single (and very pointed) keyset. Turns out that the different keys are over a hundred dollars each, and to cross reference even but a few (in order to do the test-taker any justice/help at all) would end up costing the judicial system a fortune. Yes, hundreds of these tests are administered every year, in each jurisdiction. But no, I don’t feel that the skimming of the surface as regards to putting all in the same hopper and getting the same answer-set for all is an acceptable method of criminal analysis. Of course the results are only the beginning of the road for many of these test-takers. What happens when the judicial system gets it wrong? Of course these criminals will have ramifications to their actions. Many of the steps they must take will involve some sort of counselling or group therapy. I believe that if there were more answers for the counselors to review as pertains to their charges, then there might be a more pointed approach to the therapy. As well as such, if the “criminal” had another subset of information to view, one that might show an underlying fact, pattern, or unrealised truth, then that person just might be more in a position to change their own life (with their counselors help, of course). ¶ My point is this: If there is more information, I feel that all parties involved will be able to realize a more positive outcome. Surely this extra data might not be necessarily definitive as regards to successful interventions, but surely in a most scientific manner, the more data the better. The other side of this coin might be viewed as an outlet to exploit the test-taker. There might some undesirable tidbit of information that the computer model paints as being “fact”. If this nugget of information is nothing more than untrue, defunct, and totally off base, then the criminal might be put into some sort of restricting conditions or environments due to the misinterpretation of the data. ¶ The methods of justice will never be gray. They sure seem to be very decided and unwavering. Sometimes there might be an other-than-normal exception, but the normality in the handling of the masses just seems to be squander. When the instance arrises that an extensive test be given to a subject, I feel that the results from that test should be all-encompassing and made availible to provide help… for all parties involved. Surely then would we as a society be able to do more people justice, not to mention the justice system itself. For what its worth, the extra data could be run in compilers to produce some numbers. Big-wigs love numbers. There is power in numbers. Now I wish to state to the audience that I am fully against any and all perverse uses of data, wether it be used to oppress a people, or it be used to allow tyranny to exist. Having said that, I feel numbers can be used to protect people. Numbers can be used to help educate people. Sets of data, properly compiled and presented can help people to make more informed choices. If so many people are being subject to such an intrusive test, shouldn’t it be evaluated with such insight that the results might actually be of some use?

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