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Cascading Style Sheets

21 July, 2010

Wow. CSS. I know nothing of the sort. HTML, somewhat. I could never write any code w/o an editor, though. XHTML just seems like it might be a bit perverse, and .Net is most-likely not only perverse, but it’s closed-source also. Too bad Bill Gates has a lockdown on the Ford Motor Company as well, for I sure would like to get a new Ford some day. Probably like the .Net scandal, the Microsoft Sync technology in the Fords will become so ingrained and necessary in our daily lives that we won’t even realize how much we depend on it so. Friggin’ Microsoft .Net Framework, without you, my windows might not open correctly. Were that to happen, I would be lost, looking for a tech-support type to usher me through the steps i would need to take in order to download the “new” version of the problem. Oh well, what can we do? Of course that is both a rhetorical and non-rhetorical question, with varying levels of difficulty ascribed to each level of achievement as pertains to the various end-results which could be desired. Long story short, lazy geeks use Windows, but wish they were using Linux (though they might even still do, but only in passing). Regular people use Windows and do not know that open-source means freedom from talking paperclips (or whatever new fandangled tricks they have rolled out, for i am now two-versions behind…take that Clippy!). And smart affluent folks use Apple/Macintosh, which is probably the best choice yet. Only problem for those types, though, is the incessant need to upgrade their two-grand hardware because some guy named Jobs says to. I guess the jokes on me though, because they can afford to work into their spare-change fund such lavish expenses. Not only that, but at least MOST of Jobs products actually work, as opposed to the Windows conundrum of micromanaging for optimal-system-failure-prevention. So really, the jokes on us all, because I’m sittin’ here pouring my heart out into this surely-passing mode of communication while I drift further and further away from the truth, yet closer and closer to it all the while. I wonder if my user-name will be available in my next life, or if it will be locked due to my current use? Maybe I’ll write an algorithm that will allow for passwords to be recovered cross-dimensionally. So I guess that my point is, that even though regular people use windows, rich folks use Apple, and geeks use Linux, we are all stuck in the same technology suck hole as everyone else. But, penguins do have it better, though.

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  1. 21 July, 2010 04:16

    P.S. What’s an XFN? Man, I really need to catch up on all this “Web 2.0” crap. Or, not catch up and just dig in the dirt instead. Hmmmm. Well, at least the TCP/IP stack stays the same, unless IPv6 will kill that off as well. As much as I hate subnetting, I will sure miss the days of IPv4 and all the DHCP leases. IPv6 just seems like the devil in a sense. What if I don’t like my new “static” IP? Can we ever change them? Surely the kids will be into spoofing. But really though, isn’t it a bit upsetting that some corporation will be tracking your grandma’s wifi enabled wheelchair as she passes through the doors of the all-knowing all-seeing Wal-Mart? that, of course assuming that they are still around in fifteen years…who am I kidding. Surely China won’t allow our politicians take charge and bring our economic stability back to our own shores. For, without China, Wal-Mart might become inoperable. Riddle me this that without Wal-Mart, China might not have such a stranglehold on the American consumer. So, really who is the bad guy here? Wal-Mart or China? Correct when you say “the American consumer”, for if the American consumer did not consume so much useless SHIT, our country might not have a need for neither Wal-Mart or China. Ohhh, I need to get to bed.

  2. 1 January, 2011 03:10

    Right… now I remember why I initially chose to hide my blog from search-engines. Man, I sure hope things like this won’t come back to haunt me, because I’m really not into holding back. I mean seriously: What is the point of freedom of speech if one is afraid to speak? I do not censor the things that I say. I mean, I might not always say what I am thinking, but if there is something that I want to say (or need to say), I typically will say it. I am a big fan of the truth, and of being forthcoming. I might not have the most savory opinions at times, but I stand behind what I say… unless i am shown the fallacy of any ways that I might have. I keep an open-mind, and typically will entertain/explore other viewpoints. Sometimes I even realize that I have been incorrect/unjust/misguided or what-have-you in my opinions. And when I am able to acknowledge this, I do so.

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